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The Lawsters is a student-run initiative dedicated to providing a common platform for the benefit to the legal fraternity, and to the society as a whole. We aim to provide readers with a unified space for legal knowledge, news, columns, articles, and legal opinions. Our one-stop platform also organizes workshops and webinars to impart legal education and talk about contemporary legal issues in the nation. By providing free access to our website, we aim to encourage legal minds to explore the contours of law. Our goal is to create a revolutionary platform with the aid and advice of eminent jurists and individuals associated with the field of law across the nation, under whose guidance we can better understand the legal fraternity and intricacies of this profession.



  • Delving into The Legal Space - Righteousness and Values of Legal Profession
    12-Sep-2020, 5:00 pm IST
    In the present era where the legal profession is experiencing changes in ethics, role and values of a practitioner. The Lawsters is pleased to announce a captivating webinar on the theme- ‘Delving into The Legal Space - Righteousness and Values of Legal Profession’.

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